I have been reviewing my art work from the past few years, which has primarily been photography.  I have found several areas around Willard where I enjoy viewing the changing seasons. Many of them are on my way coming and going to one of the four schools where I teach art.  This image  from January 2007 was captured along Bullhead Road near a place where my school bus traveled every day.  There was an old house that stood near this location, and the story that was told to us by the older kids on the bus was it was haunted and someone was killed there, and if you came by on a dark night you could see the ghost. I remember always looking very close to see if there was anything to the story.  It’s funny the stories we remember from childhood.  The house is no longer there, and the location is on the edge of what remains of the marshland that used to dominate the whole area before it was drained for agricultural use.

The next image from January 2008 was again captured on Bullhead road only it was five miles south of the other location and this time facing east across the New Haven marsh.  One of the things I really like about this image is the otherworldly quality it has.  This image alludes to looking into another world, a wilder place with a past that is yet to be discovered as a new day dawns.

This image is from one of my favorite locations to photograph in Huron county on Peru Center Road.  Photographed in 2009, this was the last year I drove this road on a weekly basis as the school in this area was closed and sold when our school district began to consolidate its student population and buildings.  I love the line of trees, shadows, and the red barn in the background.  I found out that this location was the former farm/homestead of a co-worker’s family.

I titled this image (which is the same location as the previous image on Peru Center Road) “Blue Cold.”  Photographed January 2009, this image has so much snap as the white and blue play off one another and the trees reach out, seeming to hold on to one another.  I enjoy how the red barn in the background along the horizon holds the viewer’s attention.  2009 was a very tough year in our area economically, and this image poses the question, “Will spring ever return to this area?”

This image is new, from January 20, 2012; it was 1 degree out my front door as a glorious sunrise appeared.  The red sunrise was the warning of the coming snow storm that briefly visited us.  We had a little over three inches of snow by Saturday morning, and by Monday afternoon it had vanished with the rain and fifty degree temperatures.  This January has so far been a roller coaster ride of extremes and unusual weather.  We normally have snow that lasts all month long with very cold temperatures below freezing.  This image reminds me of the misty murkiness through which we view the reality that we live in.

If you wish to use any of my images please ask and I will grant you access, or if you wish to purchase an image contact me at kc_artman@yahoo.com  All rights reserved to these images © Kevin Casto.  Thank-you for your consideration.

  1. the trees are so expressive–so resolutely alive in these winter scenes.

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