Reflections on the 1st week of Advent

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Art, Artists, Faith, Life
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The Annunciation by Fra Angelico

The first week of Advent, or the preparation of the first coming of Christ, is to reflect on the announcement of the angel Gabriel to Mary that she has been chosen for a special task from God.


The Annunciation by El Greco

It’s interesting to me how God suddenly and unexpectedly interrupts and transforms the world that we know.  These paintings reflect the message Mary was given.

Sandro Botticelli-585669

Sandro Botticelli, The Annunciation

I find it interesting that we prepare for Christmas by buying things that we think will make the holiday special and memorable, but the real purpose of this time is the fact that God interrupted history by giving the world his presence.


John William Waterhouse, The Annunciation

How do we react when God interrupts our lives and invades our world with his presence?


The Annunciation, by John Collier

Do we accept the invasion, the invitation, and praise God and glorify him like Mary, or do we avoid him and continue on our way saying have a good day.


The Annunciation, by Henry Ossawa Tanner

I guess this is the choice we have to make this advent season as God asks to invade our world and be a part of our life and wishes us to carry his presence.  What will you do as you reflect on these days of preparation?


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