Here in north-central Ohio we have had some amazing skies this past week.  It has seemed that most mornings and evenings this week have been very dramatic.


I’m not sure why this has been a particular interesting week for sunrises and sunsets?  I have heard that it could be that the earth is passing through the tail/debris of comet Ison.


Whatever the reason for the wonderful color in the skies it has been very enjoyable.  We have a large number of “gray-days” in Willard, and the beauty has been most enjoyable.


I am reminded of Psalm 19 -The heavens keep telling the wonders of God, and the skies declare what he has done.  Each day informs the following day; each night announces to the next.They don’t speak a word, and there is never the sound of a voice.  Yet their message reaches all the earth, and it travels around the world.


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