I went on a little adventure today exploring the bell tower of our 172 year-old church.


We are investigating selling our old church bell that is beginning to weigh down the roof.


What I discovered is that engraved on the New Haven United Methodist Church bell is:  A. MENEELY WEST TROY N. Y. 1844.


The Meneely Bell Foundry was a bell foundry established in 1826 in West Troy (now Watervliet), New York, by Andrew Meneely, a former apprentice in the foundry of Benjamin Hanks.  


Two of Andrew’s sons continued to operate the foundry after his death, while a third son, Clinton H. Meneely, opened a second foundry across the river with George H. Kimberly in Troy, New York in 1870.


Initially named the Meneely Bell Company of Troy, this second foundry was reorganized in 1880 as the Clinton H. Meneely Company, then again as the Meneely Bell Company. Together, the two foundries produced about 65,000 bells before they closed in 1952.


This church building was built in 1842, and the bell was made in 1844.  Now that we have discovered some of the history, we have to find a buyer to remove and purchase this 170 year-old bronze bell.

  1. Tom says:

    Thats a beautiful sounding bell. I grew up near the church, and woke up every Sunday morning to it’s pealing.

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