I recently visited the Cleveland Museum of Art to view the joint exhibition with the Phillips Collection -Van Gogh Repetitions .  The two institutions have joined together to develop a ground-breaking exhibition that presents new insights into the art of Vincent van Gogh through a study of his répétitions—a term the artist used to describe a distinctive genre of works in his oeuvre.


Currently there is considerable debate even among experts over how Van Gogh produced his repetitions. It is known that he used a perspective frame to compose some paintings, a squaring technique to enlarge painted compositions and Buhot paper to transfer some drawings to lithographic stone. The exhibition curators and conservators are working closely together to investigate the various means Van Gogh employed to produce repetitions.


“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul”; so states Vincent Van Gogh in his writings and through his work in this exhibition, “Van Gogh: Repetitions.”   This exhibit fleshes out  the creative process over his mastery of post-Impressionist colors and forms accessible to followers and students of all levels.


“Repetitions” is an impressively exhaustive effort to gather so many of these intimately related pieces in the same gallery for the first time. I felt honored to be able to observe and experience this work together in one place -almost like walking into Van Gog’s studio; allowing me to explore all of these paintings together makes for exciting art that welcomes viewers into the process!



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