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Bethlehem+Night+Acrylic%2C+24%2522x48%2522Bethlehem Night, 2011, Amy Whitehouse

The second week of advent I look and reflect on a small unknown town called Bethlehem.

The Numbering at Bethlehem

The Census at Bethlehem (also known as The Numbering at Bethlehem), by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted in 1566.

This place, a small town, has become known to the rest of the world because of a birth.


Lee Pantas, The Road to Bethlehem, 2012.

The lyrics to the song  O little town of Bethlehem state that The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight…


The arrival at Bethlehem, 1897, by Luc-Olivier MERSON

The one thought that I have had this past week while reflecting on this town, Bethlehem, was that God chose a small, out of the way place to invade to become a part of his creation and reclaim what he began.


Norman Rockwell Uneasy Christmas in the Birthplace of Christ story illustration for Look magazine, December 29, 1970.

He did not invade in the manner that we would consider impressive.  But he came quietly and, much like us, helpless as an infant.


Arrival of the Holy Family in Bethlehem, 1543, Cornelis Massys.

Jesus did not come in a sleigh or on a horse.  He did not come as a conqueror.  There was no parade for him, not even really a room for him.


Road to Bethlehem, by Tom Slack, 2012.

I hope this advent season, the preparation of the coming of Christ, that in some small, quiet way you will make room for him in your life and maybe allow him to invade your heart.