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A bounty of white flowers fill the tree next to my studio.  These flowers come for a brief but brilliant announcement that spring has come to north-central Ohio.  What a glorious sight!



Outside the door of a famous Buffalo artist.


A grouping of autumn maple leaves.

Digital Illustration, Kevin Casto, November 2011

Several months ago I was asked to help a friend by creating an Illustration based on a dream someone had of terrible future events.  This dream was detailed in their book which I was given a copy of and the illustration purpose (as I was told) was to draw attention to the writer and his work so that he may be able to book more speaking engagements.  I explained to my friend, who had to repeatedly inform me they knew nothing about art or how to draw a straight line, that I am not a professional illustrator but an artist and art educator and that my style is very expressionistic, and they may not like it if they wanted something highly realistic.  Well, after many detailed dialogues I finally came up with some ideas and presented them.  I was told that I needed to reread the dream and be more realistic with the dream illustration.  So I did, and as you can see, this is my image/illustration.  I was asked to add a few more details to the image.

Final Illustration, Come out of that house, Kevin Casto, November 2011

So I added a few more details…maybe you can see what I did between the two images.  I have to laugh because I believe that dreams are meant for the person experiencing the dream and not really meant to be illustrated to send a clear message to others, not having the dream like a movie.  I took the assignment as a way to grab the attention of others to the message the speaker had to share because of experiencing the dream.

The Dream:

That night I heard Jesus’ voice in a dream, and the following Sunday I heard the preacher saying the exact words Jesus said to me in the dream: “Come out of your father’s old house and live in a new house on the rock of Jesus” (based on Luke 6:48f). At the time, I didn’t know that there is only One Almighty name by which man can be saved.

Anyway that job is over…

Let me know your thoughts on the work, the dream, or the problem of pleasing a client.

The Adolescent Journey, Kevin Casto, 2009, Digital Collage

One of my graduate classes at Boston University was in child growth and development.  We explored the idea of the adolescent journey, which is an intriguing concept that we all participate in, yet few realize or understand the journey until many years later. For one of the assignments I created a digital collage to express my adolescent journey. I began by sketching out several ideas and decided upon using maps of significant places in my life as the background. Choosing an 18” x 24” masonite panel for the initial image, I trimmed and pasted the maps onto the panel in a collage-like manner using acrylic gel medium, and I added acrylic white to diminish areas of the map and highlighted other areas with pencil and black oil pastels.  I then digitally photographed the map image and began to work with it in Photoshop, combining personal photographs and images that I have taken over the years to create my digital collage.

My journey wrestles with the question: what if I would have taken another path?  What if I would have accepted a different job, moved elsewhere or married another?  There are many forks in the road of life, and several times one direction or the other does not appear compelling, one decision does not appear right or wrong, but it is still a tough decision that must be made with life-changing ripples.

At the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton – finally an astronaut?

When I was a child I desired to be an astronaut and walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong; unfortunately, wearing glasses and eye problems eliminated that possibility.  I considered acting, science, and ministry, worked as a photographer and a sign/billboard painter, was in the army and worked at an array of part-time jobs along the way to becoming an art teacher.  I am thrilled my journey is still in process, and I know that the good work that God has begun will continue until its completion at the day of Christ’s return.

My time frame for completing the digital collage was very short, and as I look back on it, I know there needs to be some revision in the piece before I am satisfied with it. Several artist friends have been inspirational in my stylistic choices in this self-portrait type of a project: Bruce Bitmead, Gaylen Stewart, D. David Sapp, and my father, who was and is my first art instructor.  The German Expressionists George Rouault and Anselm Kiefer also influence my choices.