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The jellyfish at the Akron zoo were pretty amazing and fun to photograph.


These Cichild fish in the aquarium reminded me of aliens from another planet.


Every time I see a Komodo Dragon I think of the TV show Jonny Quest.


The bright pink Chilean Flamingo‘s gave us hope for the return of spring on this beautiful winter’s day at the Akron zoo.



taylen picture

I wanted to share some treasure that I received in the mail recently from one of my kindergarten art students.

taylen picture2

Taylen really loves to draw and is very talented.  I was surprised and delighted to receive two of his drawings the other day in the mail.  I wanted to share his images and the love he has for drawing!  His work reminds me of the Picasso quote “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”


My daughter and I spent a wonderful winter’s day at the Columbus Zoo recently.


Having never been to the zoo in winter before, this was a new and wonderfully fun day.


There was no crowd which made for a wonderful date for father and daughter.


It was a great way to experience my daughter as the young woman she is and to see her in a new light: that of who she is becoming.


The winter landscape at the zoo gave off a sense of serenity and harmony.


While at the zoo a lovely snowstorm developed with large white flakes covering the grounds.  Seeing the beaver reminded me of the story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.


The other fun aspect of this trip was the fact there were so few at the zoo; it was as if we were on our own private safari.


The tiger cubs were one of our favorite discoveries.  They seemed like playful little kittens.


Our visit to the aquarium was very mysterious, and what adventure would be complete without a little mystery.


Finally, danger; there has to be a little danger in every journey, and the gorillas provided a bit of that.


Although it was cold and snowy and there was ice, it was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship between father and daughter.  A day I will not forget.



The morning after our day-after-Christmas blizzard, we took the dogs for a run at the park.  Ember, our German Shepherd,  is very serious about having fun in the snow.


Jo, our Flat-coated retriever, is the life of the party, having lots of fun jumping and playing in the snow.


Boris, our Tibetan spaniel, tries to keep up with the other dogs and enjoys the snow a lot…when it’s not too deep for him.


Running, playing and chasing each other on a fun morning in the snow.


Looking for adventure in the white wilderness.


Jo doesn’t want the fun to end!


Time to run back home for an afternoon nap.


Hey, wait for me!

During our vacation last week we were attending a writing workshop that my daughter is involved with, and I had the opportunity to listen to some wonderfully creative speakers.  I also had the time to return to using my sketch book.  It’s amazing how easy it is to allow life to become too busy and not allow yourself the time you need to just draw.  It does not matter how good or bad the image is; it’s the process of allowing your self to wander.  This sketch was made while listening to a lecture about Beowulf.  I really enjoyed the process; I hope this will encourage you to pursue your creative self!