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I enjoyed seeing Andy Warhol’s “Single Elvis” at the Akron Art Museum this summer.  It has a very subtle feel to it.



A close-up view of an old tree shows the years of wind and weather. The close-up photograph becomes an abstract image of lines, shapes and colors.


Flowers in motion.  Captured in black and white these flowers have a whole new look and feel.


Up close & personal with Chuck Close at The Cleveland Museum of Art.


Paul III, 1996. Chuck Close. Oil on canvas


Since it has been sub-zero for so long I have been photographing my front yard from the inside of the house.  This one is early morning through the frozen front door.

I just completed this image for a new book soon to be published.  Last summer I created a piece of cover art for the author, but since that time a major revision has taken place.

This is the cover art that the author liked last summer.  But that was last summer and according to the author everything has changed…yet I still like this for a cover.

This is the first version that I created last summer.  My daughter, who is the author, has the final artistic say in picking the art…since it is her book.  Let me know what you think.

If you are interested in the book and would like to purchase a copy follow this link:

Dream Captive

Paperback, 223 Pages
Price: $15.99
Ships in 3-5 business days
Shade has been haunted by nightmares all her life, and now she begins to have waking nightmares as well. When one of these waking nightmares takes her from her home, she finds out that her dreams were more real than she ever imagined as she enters the Dream World. She and several other children have been kidnapped by a man known as the Dark Master, to be used as sacrifices in a dark ritual; the Summoning. With aid from a man named Dantes, Shade escapes and tries to free the others as well. Will she be able to save the children? Or will she succumb to the power of the nightmares?